+Marker Data: A257M10X1-4

Crop pepper
Population KL-DH
Linkage Group KL07
Marker Type AFLP
Map Position 95.8
Source Name
Source Type
Source Sequence
Developer Miyazaki ARI
Document Sugita et al. (2005) Rapid construction of a linkage map using high-efficiency genome scanning/AFLP and RAPD, based on an intraspecific, doubled-haploid population of Capsicum annuum. Breed. Sci. 55: 287-295

typing_method HEGS
S-amp fwd primer seq gatgtgtcctgagtaacgc
S-amp rev primer seq gactgcgtaccctagacaa
PCR condition 94C_30s->68C_30s->72C_1min->(94_30s->68C_30s-0.7C/cyc->72C_1min)x17->(94C_30s->56C_30s-0.7C/cyc->72C_1min)x23->72C_10min->4C
polymerase Ex Taq (Takara)

Line allele-1 allele-2

Population Linkage Group Position
KL-DH KL07 95.8

DB Program Definition E-Value

EST Name Species Strain