+Marker Data: Hpms 2-24

Crop pepper
Population KL-DH
Linkage Group KL09
Marker Type SSR
Map Position 98.33
Source Name
Source Type
Source Sequence
Developer Seoul National Univ
Document Lee et al. (2004) Characterization and molecular genetic mapping of microsatellite loci in pepper. Theor. Appl. Genet. 108: 619-627

old source name
typing_method 13% PAGE
PCR product (bp)
fwd primer
fwd primer seq tcgtattggcttgtgatttaccg
rev primer
rev primer seq ttgaatcgaatacccgcaggag
PCR condition 95C_1min->(94_30s->55C_30s->72C_1min)x35->72_5min->4C
polymerase Native Taq

Line allele-1 allele-2
K9-11 244.9 244.9
MZC-180 (selfed LS2341) 193.1 193.1

Population Linkage Group Position
KL-DH KL09 98.33

DB Program Definition E-Value

EST Name Species Strain